How do I Assign a submission for someone to complete?

Modified on Tue, 27 Feb 2024 at 12:00 PM

You may run into a situation when a pending submission needs to be reassigned to somebody other than the current person assigned. This may be due to somebody being out of office, a position change, or an incorrect email added to the form by the submitter. You might also need to reassign the submission to yourself which could be useful while you're testing your forms.

Current Assignee

With each pending form submission, the Assigned To column displays the name and email of the current person assigned to the form workflow.

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Reassigning Submission

To reassign a submission, you will first click on the checkbox next to the pending submission you wish to reassign.

After you've selected the desired submission to be reassigned, the action button will allow you to choose assign.

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Reassign Multiple Pending Submissions

If you need to reassign multiple pending submissions to the same person, you can do so by selecting multiple checkboxes on the pending submissions.

Work In Progress Notification

If the user has begun working on the submission you have selected to reassign, a notification will open alerting you that their work will be permanently discarded if you continue with the reassignment. If you would like to proceed with the reassignment anyway, you can press Continue or you can press Cancel to go back to the Submissions Page. 

If you do not see this notification when you initiate a reassignment, the person assigned has not begun working on this submission and no work will be lost. 

You can read this article to learn more about saving your progress as you're working on a submission. 

Select Individual to Receive Assignment

If you reassign to a current user in the system, you can select them from the provided list or search for them by name/email.

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Assign To Someone Not in the System

If the person you wish to reassign the pending submission to is not a current user in Droplet (not available in the list or via search), you will enter the name in the search bar.

Once the name is entered, an Assign to Someone Not in The System option will appear. Once selected, you will be prompted to enter the full name and email of that person, followed by the Assign button.

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 4.13.29 PM.png

You should now see the name and email address of the individual reassigned to the pending submission(s) in the Assigned To column of the Submissions Page. The new assignees will receive an email notifying them that a new submission requires their review and a link to the submission.

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