New Droplet Features

Modified on Mon, 06 May 2024 at 05:50 PM

We are always working on something new. Here is where you'll learn all about any new features released in the past month and be able to look back at our historical updates. Please let us know if you have any questions about any updates you see here or would like to suggest a feature.

May 2024

Updated Menu Navigation: Our sidebar menu navigation has a new look and feel that can collapse and take up less space on your screen! You still get all the great functionality with more real estate when it comes to your submissions and forms. You will also be able to create a new form right from the menu!

April 2024

AI Expression Writing Tool: Introducing Droplet's AI assistant(beta) to help you write expressions in forms! Anytime you want to write logic, you can tell the Droplet AI assistant what you want to accomplish and it will write an expression for you! 

In this example, I want to conditionally display the "Years Employed" field only when the user selects "Yes" on the question asking if they are currently employed with Droplet Community Schools.

Submitter and Assignee filtering: You can now filter by the Submitter email or Assignee email on all submission pages! This should help you find submissions more quickly!

Activity Log now includes the Workflow Step ID: The Activity Log for submissions will now show you the associated Workflow Step ID for each action. This will make it easier to understand where the submission has moved in the workflow.

March 2024

Help Widget: Our in-app help widget got a face-lift! When you click the help icon, you will have in-app access to our powerful documentation as well as the ability to submit a support ticket directly from the widget! 

Support Tickets: Support tickets can still be submitted by emailing; however, there is now a portal where you can submit your tickets and then view updates our support team makes. Track your current support tickets and view your previous support tickets at

New Logo and Branding Changes: This one is probably very obvious if you've logged into the Droplet Platform. We are excited to release the new look of Droplet!

February 2024

Employees*: The Employees page was designed to work with onboarding packets for a streamlined approach to onboarding and managing employee data in Droplet. You can create an employee record, assign an onboarding packet and forms, attach files, and track progress on tasks for employees. 
*Please note that access to the Employees feature is only available with select Droplet packages or as an add-on to your current package.

Google Translations*: No need to go through the hassle of manually translating all the text on your forms. Now you can simply utilize the power of Google Translations to automatically translate all the text on your forms to 150+ languages! 

*Please note that access to the Google Translations feature is only available with select Droplet packages or as an add-on to your current package.

January 2024

Published Banner: A new published banner will now display on the visual builder as a reminder that you will need to create a new draft to make any changes. You can create a new draft directly from hovering over the banner!

Duplicate A Component: There is a new icon inside the properties panel of components that allows you to duplicate the selected component! 

Formatted Text EditorYou can now align part or all of the text using the rich text editor instead of the properties panel. 

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