How do I Download a PDF version of a Submission?

Modified on Fri, 16 Feb 2024 at 12:13 PM

If you need a physical or digital copy of a submission outside of the Droplet Application, you can download a PDF file of one or more submissions. Using the Download Action will ensure all text entered into the submission's text boxes are visible, unlike opening the submission and using the browser print functionality which truncates text in text boxes.


To download a PDF you will need to view the submission(s) in your All Submissions, My Submissions, or My Assignments pages. If you need help finding the submission(s) you'd like to download you can read this article on finding submissions. Then, if the permissions on your account allow, you can check the box next to one or more submissions, then press Actions, and then press Download.

Single File vs. ZIP Folder

If you select one submission and do not select to include files in ZIP in the options, your PDF will download as a single file.

If you select multiple submissions or a single submission with files in ZIP, your PDFs will download as a ZIP folder.

In the previewer that opens, you will have several options.

Formatting Options

There are two formatting options: compact layout and reduced page margins. Checking the box for a compact layout will reduce the space between elements on the form. Checking the box for reduced page margins will shrink the space between the edges of the page and content on all sides.

Uploaded File Options

If your selected submission includes a place for a user to upload documents or if a stamped PDF is created during the workflow, you can choose how to handle those files while downloading.

Checking Include Private Uploads means any files that were uploaded during the completion of the submission will be included as a clickable link on the PDF. This is useful if you are only using the PDF on a computer, phone, or tablet. 

Checking Compatible Files in PDF will merge any files uploaded to the submission that can be converted into a PDF (image files, other PDFs, word documents, etc.) to the end of your PDF file. 

Checking Files in ZIP will include any files uploaded to the submission as a separate file from the PDF in the downloaded ZIP file package.

If you want to download files that were uploaded to the submission you must check to "Include Private Uploads" in addition to checking to include "Compatible Files in PDF" or "Files in ZIP".

Include Submission Details

There are also options for adding details specific to the submission to the PDF file you're creating.
Checking General Info will add a box on the last page of the submission PDF that contains the submission status at the time of download, a link to its current location, the date and time the submission was made, as well as the date and time it was last updated.

Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 5.02.08 PM.png

Checking Data Verification Key will add a box on the last page of the submission PDF with the data verification key to the bottom of the last page of the submission PDF. This key is unique to the instance of this submission and a new key is generated each time data is changed on this submission.

Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 5.04.56 PM.png

Checking the Activity Log will add a box on the last page of the submission PDF that contains all of the information you will also find if you viewed the Activity Log for this submission on the Droplet App: the names and email addresses of the people assigned at each step as well as the dates and times it was assigned and advanced by that person.

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