Planning Digital Forms and Workflows with Droplet

Modified on Fri, 16 Feb 2024 at 12:17 PM

Wherever you are in your journey from using paper to digital forms, we will partner with you to implement the most efficient and optimized forms and workflows for the data you need to collect and use. Paper W-4 Form and W-4 Form on the Droplet platform 

Building forms in the Droplet platform provides an opportunity to intentionally re-evaluate and simplify your existing systems, saving your users time and reducing effort as they complete and process forms. Our team will focus on two parts of form building as we build your forms, the layout and who interacts with it.

View or download a PDF of the newest version of the Planning Digital Forms and Workflow Guide here:

Glossary of Terms for Digital Forms on Droplet

Form: A collection of structured inputs or fields that someone enters information into. Forms collect data that is then stored in Droplet’s Application for you to use and reference.

Field or Component: What the user interacts with on a form as they enter information. Types of components or fields are input, text, tables, dropdowns, checkboxes, radios, document uploaders, signatures, etc. 

Layout: The different groupings of components or fields the user sees at each step of the workflow. 

Submission: When a user fills out a form, they will find a Submit button at the bottom to click, completing their part in the process. This creates a submission all of their information and progresses the submission to the next step of the workflow. A form exists as a template and the individual submissions act as the filled out copies.

Workflow: A collection of steps set up in a pathway that the submission will follow each time someone clicks submit or reject. Workflows assign to one user at a time and progress linearly. 

Step: A part of the workflow pathway that involves an action (enter in additional information, submit/reject, etc.) by a single individual. Each step can have a unique layout that the assignee will see and interact with.

Step Assignee: The individual responsible for completing the actions required on the workflow step. Each workflow step can only have a single individual assigned, but it is possible for the assignee to be different based on information selected within the form (ie Location 1 approval is Person A and Location 2 approval is Person B).

Notification: An email sent at a certain step in the workflow that can include a read-only link to view the submission.

Assignment Notification: An email alert or request sent to the assignee of a workflow step that includes a link to take action on the submission.

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