How do I use the Tags Area?

Modified on Fri, 23 Feb 2024 at 02:38 PM

The Tags option in the editor allows you to create custom columns and labels for forms on the All Submissions page based on information from the form submission. These can aid in searching for submissions based on user inputs or creating custom roles to view only certain submissions based on the submission tag.

In the above image, you can see a School column that has been displayed because some or all forms in the current list contain a Tag with that label. In this example, the value shown for School is derived from information entered into a field in each submission.

To define tags within the builder, you just need to add a JSON object to the Tags area with the column header (using camelCasing if more than one word and without spaces) as the key and the component ID of the value you would like populated.  The example below shows how you would define the column shown in the screenshot above. The School column will populate based on the component in the form with the id schoolLocation.

{ "school": "schoolLocation" }

If you would like to use multiple component IDs to build your Tag value or an expression to evaluate data before creating the Tag, you can use Javascript in the Tag value. You also have access to all available helper functions from the Computed component

An example of a more complex Tag that combines two components into one Tag might look like this:

{ "schoolAndYear": "`${schoolLocation} ${schoolYear}`" }

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