How do I test my workflow?

Modified on Thu, 22 Feb 2024 at 12:56 PM

After you have created a workflow, you will want to test it to make sure it is assigning correctly, especially if you added in dynamic assignees to one or more workflow steps. There is a way to test the workflow within the Code Editor that will be much less involved than publishing the form and testing with live submissions. Follow the instructions in this article so you can be sure that your workflow is properly functioning before collecting any submissions.

1. Open up the debug window.

2. Enter information into the fields that you would like to test.

a. If there are fields only visible on other workflow steps, be sure to enter that information in as well

3. Scroll to the bottom of the debug window where it shows the "State". 

4. Copy all the information within the two curly braces {}

5. Switch over to the Code Editor

6. Navigate to the Workflow Layer

7. Inside the curly braces associated with the "test" object, paste all the data you copied

8. Save the form

9. Click the three dots and select the "Test Workflow" option at the bottom of the list.

10. Click through the workflow by selecting either "Next" or "Reject"

11. Minimize the data in the results "State" tab on the right hand side of the page.

a. Click "form" to minimize the data held within that object.

b. Click "submission" to minimize the data held within that object.

c. Now you should see "result"

12. Check that the submission with the test data is moving to the expected step and that the "assignedTo" object within the "result" object is showing the expected name and email address.

13. Note any discrepancies to check your formulas within the form.

14. Repeat this process with any additional test cases as needed. 

Droplet Tip
You only need to copy the data that is used to determine the workflow.

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