How do I Start a Packet?

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The Packets feature is only available with the Plus Package or as an Add On.

You will need to create a Packet Template before you can start a Packet.

How to Start or Assign a Packet Video

How to Start or Assign a Packet Directions

packet navigation menu

Starting a Packet will begin a new packet instance. This allows you to assign all forms the packet contains and track their progress as a group. There are two places you can start a new packet from in the Packets section of the Droplet Application.

First, you can navigate to the Packets section in your left-side navigation menu. If you don't see Packets listed as an option here, or you don't see the Templates tab referenced below, your account doesn't have permission to manage or create packets and you'll need to contact your Droplet account administrator or submit a support ticket

On the Packets page, you can begin a new packet from the Tracking or the Template tabs at the top of the page. 

You will have options to edit assignees and remove forms if you need to make any minor changes to a template you regularly use. If you need to edit a packet template you can reference these directions

Start Packet From the Tracking Tab

You can press the blue "Start Packet" button on the right side of the search bar and then press the blue "Start" button on the template card you would like to assign.

Start Packet From the Templates Tab

packet template(1)

From the Templates Tab, you can press the blue "Start" button at the bottom of the template card you would like to use. 

Starting a New Packet Instance

Once you have pressed "Start" you will see a window that guides you through selecting the people to assign as contributors to this packet and the forms they need to work on. 

Enter Assignment Details

The left side of this window will allow you to enter the people for each of the contributor roles you set up when the template for this packet was created. 

You can use the dropdown to select from the template recommendations or anyone else in your organization. If you have a long list of users, you can search for someone using their name or email address. 

If a selected contributor needs to change, you can remove them using the trash can to the right of their name and email address. 

If the person you need to assign to is not in your organization, you can press "Select Someone Else" at the bottom of the list of users. This will allow you to enter anyone's name and email address. Pressing "Done" will add them to the assignment details for that role. 

Form Assignments

The right side of this window will show you the list of forms included in this packet template and who they will be assigned to for the first step.


When you first initiate a packet, each form will say "Unassigned" and will indicate below the form name which role they will assign to by default if defaults were established when the packet template was created. 

As you make assignments for each role on the left side of this window, you will see the assignments populate on the forms listed to the right. When a form is assigned, it will have a green indicator and show the name and email address of the assignee.

Modifying a Packet Template for a Single Assignment 

Sometimes you might have a situation where the existing packet templates need to be slightly adjusted. If there is a template that is close to what you need, you can modify it when you go to assign and start the packet. 

Reassigning to Someone Other Than the Default Assignee

If you need to reassign one or more forms in this packet, only in this instance, you can reassign the forms when you start the packet. This will only change the assignments for this packet, not for every packet you start from this template. 

To reassign a form, you can press the blue "Reassign" to the right of the form name. This will open a dropdown to let you choose from the contributors you entered on the left side of this window, or any other account in your organization. If you need to assign this form to someone outside your organization, you can press "Select Someone Else" at the bottom of the list to enter a name and email address. 

Once you've made your selection, the new assignee will display below the form name. 

This might be especially useful if someone is out of the office and you would like someone else to complete the forms for that person.


Deleting A Form from this Packet Instance

Pressing the blue trash can icon at the far right of the Form Name will remove that form from this packet instance. The form will still be in the packet template the next time you start a packet but the user you are currently assigning this packet to will not need to complete it. 

This might be useful for a situation where you know someone has already completed a form or doesn't need to complete a particular form. 

If you pressed the blue trash can icon by accident, you can add the form back to the packet instance by pressing "Restore."

Last Step of Starting a Packet

When you have made all of the selections you wish, you can press "Start Packet" on the bottom left to launch this packet instance and assign the forms to the users you have selected. 

At this point, all forms will assign to the people you have selected and you will be able to see them on your All Submissions page as Not Started submissions

You will also be able to track this packet on your Packets page. 

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