How do I Remind someone about an In Progress Submission?

Modified on Fri, 16 Feb 2024 at 12:13 PM

Sometimes, someone along the workflow forgets to complete their assigned submissions. It happens! As an administrator, you will likely notice this when one or more of your submissions has been in a pending workflow state for longer than you'd like it to be. All is not lost though and you won't need to write an email to remind them! Instead, you can send a reminder to the person assigned to the submission right through the Droplet application and get your submissions back on schedule. 

Sending a Reminder

If you would like to remind the person assigned to the submission that they need to complete it, you can send them an email through the Actions menu.

First, check the box next to the submission(s) you want to send a reminder for. You may select as many submissions as you would like as long as they are currently assigned to someone. The submissions can be from different forms and assigned to different people.

Then, press Actions and Remind.

Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 3.57.10 PM.png

A new window will open that will give you the choice to edit the reminder email or send reminders without editing. If you have selected multiple submissions to send a reminder email about, each recipient will show on the left side. Pressing on their name will display the version of the reminder email that recipient will receive. 

Reminder emails, by default, include the recipient's first name, the person who submitted the request and a link to take action on the submission. It also includes a link to the My Assignments view so the recipient can see everything they need to take action on all in one place.


If you don't need to or don't want to edit these reminder emails, you can press the blue "Send Reminder Email" button and you're all done!

Editing Reminder Emails

If you would like to edit the reminder email template for all selected recipients, you can press "Edit Email" and the template will become editable. You can now add text to the subject or the body of the email and reformat the text in the email body. 

You will notice some sections turn yellow. These are variables that will change depending on the submission or the recipient. For example, the image below contains one variable called ##recipientFirstName## that will use the name of the recipient in that place in the email and another variable called ##initiatedByFullName## that will find the name of the person who submitted this request and use it in this place in the email. 

When you have made any changes you wish, you can press "Back to Preview" to view the changes you have made for each recipient. You can then press "Send Reminder Email" to remind the users about their pending submissions. 

The templates you edited will only save for the current reminder email you're sending. The next time you send a reminder email, you'll be able to re-customize the email in whatever way is needed. 

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