How do I use the Forms Page?

Modified on Fri, 23 Feb 2024 at 10:36 AM

The Forms page is only available if your permissions include:

  1. see every form in your organization or; 
  2. a select number of forms you have permission to.

There are many things you can do from this page.

Finding Forms

You can use the Search Bar to find forms with titles that contain your keyword search or you can press Filters to filter by Tag or Form Status.

Forms Page.png

Forms Menu

Each form card has information about that specific form and a menu of options if you press the three dots. The options contained in the menu and the buttons on the form card will vary depending on your account's permission level.

Users can complete Enabled forms but not Disabled forms. Using the menu in the three dots to Disable a form could be helpful if you only want to accept submissions during a certain time frame such as in the case of applications and some reimbursement forms. 

You can also find two links to the form in this menu. The first says Copy Link and is a shareable link to start a new submission toward this form. The other says View Preview and is a shareable but nonfunctional link you can use to show someone else how the form looks without allowing submissions to the form. Your Implementation Consultant will send you a Preview Link when your form is in production and you can share this link with colleagues if you would like to gather feedback on the form.  

If you see the option to use Bulk Submit, you will be able to initiate multiple submissions to this form all at once using a spreadsheet. This option is limited to particular forms and is something your Implementation Consultant can help you set up during form production.

Editing Forms

Your menu may have Edit Form, which will open a window to edit the title, description, next sequence ID, and authentication requirements for this form. 

Here, you can update the title and description for this form for your whole organization. It might be helpful to add details about processing this form or who it begins with (I.E. this form begins with the employee, or this form begins with the HR Representative).


Next Sequence ID is used to set the next value for forms that create a ticket number or reference ID with each new submission. If your form doesn't use a ticket number or reference ID, you can disregard this field. 

The toggles at the bottom control the authentication requirements for this form. 

  • You can choose to only allow someone who is logged into Droplet using your organization's domain (email address) to view this form. You may want to use this for forms that should only be completed by those inside your organization. 
  • If you require sign-in to view this form, you can also choose to tie the submission to the account that is authenticated by turning on "Always submit form as a signed-in account." This will pull the name and email address into the submission from the authentication and save the person from re-typing their name and email address. 

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