How do I remove a Role from a User?

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb 2024 at 11:26 AM

If users in your organization change positions or locations, you may need to alter the Roles assigned to their Droplet account. If your Droplet account has Permission to alter user Roles, you will find this capability on the "Organization" page. Once there, you remove roles by checking off the box next to the account name(s) you want to alter. Once you have selected the user(s) you want to remove Roles from, you can Press the Actions dropdown at the top of the list of users and press "Remove Roles."

This will bring up a menu that will allow you to Remove any of the assigned Roles from the selected users.  The number in parentheses after the Role Name indicates the number of instances of this Role in the user accounts you've selected. The first section lists any Roles currently assigned to the selected user(s). You can press the 'x' on any of these Role names to move them to the bottom section ("Remove these roles"). 

The bottom section displays the Roles that will be removed from the selected user(s) after this action is completed. If you press the 'x' on the Role name here, it will move the Role back up to "Keep these roles on their respective accounts".

Do not remove all Roles from a user without assigning new Roles
If a user no longer has any roles assigned to them, they will not have ANY level of access to the Droplet Application.

When you have finished making changes, you can press "Remove Selected Roles" to complete this action and remove any roles you've selected from the user account(s) you've selected. You will no longer see the Role name(s) you have removed listed below their name and email address. 

Alternatively, you can press "Cancel" to back out of the menu without changing any Role assignments.

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