How do I manage the Users in my Organization?

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If your account permissions allow, you can view and manage the Users connected to your Organization by selecting Organization from the navigation menu.

Depending on your permissions for this section, you can see Accounts and take Actions on selected accounts, or navigate to the Roles tab to manage the different permission sets available for your organization. 

Accounts Actions Available:

- Add/Remove/Manage Roles for selected User(s)

- Add/Remove/Manage (Account) Tags for selected User(s)

- Activate/Deactivate selected User(s)

Access Reminder

Unless you are a platform administrator, it is likely your account permissions will limit what you can see and do in this section of the Droplet application. You may have "view-only" access or you may have limited actions available for user accounts or roles. You will only be able to see what your account has permission to use so you may not be able to take all of the actions outlined in this article.

Add a New Account

Create a new account.pngIf your organization has SSO set up with us and JIT (Just In Time) account creation turned on, you can direct users who need to create a new Droplet account to log in using their work email address at This will automatically create a new account for them.

You can also manually add a new user by pressing "+ Account" and inputting the new user's name and email address. Pressing "Create Account" will send the new user an email with a link to complete their account creation.


New User Permissions

All new users added to your organization will be assigned the Default Role. You can read more about what access level this provides to your organization and how to edit this role.


Finding The Account(s) You Need

The Search bar is useful to locate the account(s) you are looking for, especially if you have many accounts in your organization. Typing any part of the user's name or email address will return all matching results.

You can also use Filter to quickly return users with a certain Role or Tag. Using Filter while applying or removing Roles from accounts will help keep track of groups of people who should have the same set of permissions. To learn more about how to apply Tags to user accounts and Droplet forms, please visit this article

Deactivating a User

If someone changes positions in your Organization and no longer needs access to Droplet, you can Deactivate their account by checking the box next to their name, pressing Actions, then Deactivate. If you have multiple accounts you need to deactivate, you can check as many boxes as you need to before opening Actions and pressing Deactivate

Deactivated accounts will not show on your main Accounts page. You can still find them using the Show dropdown and selecting "All" or "Inactive."

Activating a User

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 5.31.11 PM.pngIf you need to reinstate a Deactivated user's access to Droplet, you can use the Show dropdown to display Inactive users or All users. You can Activate one or many of these accounts by checking the box(es) next to their name(s) and pressing Actions then Activate

Adding, Removing, and Managing Roles

You can read about Managing Roles in these articles: 

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