How do I edit a Packet Template?

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 02:20 PM

The Packets feature is only available with the Plus Package or as an Add On.

Once you've created a Packet Template, you can make changes, use it as the base for another similar template, or archive it if it is no longer needed. You can access the packet template menu by navigating to the Packet Template tab and then pressing the three dots on the template card you want to take action on.

Edit a Packet Template

If you would like to make changes to an existing packet template, pressing Edit in the three dots menu will reopen the Packet Template Wizard that you used to create this packet template. You can use the Next and Back buttons at the bottom left to navigate through the wizard and make any changes. When you've finished making changes, press Next to navigate through the wizard and finalize any edits until you reach Step 6 Notifications and can press the button that says "Finish: Create Packet." 

Duplicate a Packet Template

If you would like to create a packet similar to an existing packet template, it could save you time to copy that existing template. To copy a packet template, open the three dots menu and press Duplicate. This will open the Packet Template Wizard and include all of the information from the existing template. You will need to create a new template title; then, you can edit any part of the template you need. 

Archive a Packet Template

If you no longer need to use a packet template, you can archive it by pressing Archive in the three dots menu. Just like archiving submissions, this doesn't delete the template, instead, it removes it from your active view and moves it to your inactive list. 

You can change which list of templates you are currently viewing using the drop-down at the top right of your templates tab under the "New Template" button. 

If you archived a packet template and would now like to use it again. You can find it in the Inactive list from the dropdown and now the three dots menu will say "Unarchive" instead of "Archive." Pressing Unarchive will move the template back into your Active list and will allow you to assign the packet to your users. 

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