What are the default Roles?

Modified on Fri, 16 Feb 2024 at 12:23 PM

There are five default, or pre-existing, Roles you will already see on your account the first time you navigate to the Roles tab: Admin, Default, Owner, Dataset Manager, and Form Builder.

The default Droplet roles, have set permissions of varying access to the Droplet application. These are roles that you can assign to your users as they are, or edit these roles to better suit your organization's needs. 


The Default Role is the equivalent of a Basic user and all new accounts will be assigned this Role when they are first added to the Droplet system. This Role gives a user access to ONLY the submissions they initiated and the submissions they are currently assigned to. They will see the All Submissions section in their Navigation, but within, they will only be able to see their own submissions and their current assignments. 

If you want to edit the access level for basic or Default users across your organization, you can edit this Role and add Permissions

Minimum Permission Level
We highly recommend that you do NOT remove the ability for your Default users to see their initiated submissions and their current assignments to keep your Forms functioning correctly. 

This Role makes an excellent base Role to ensure that if any Roles are ever archived, your users still have basic access to the Droplet Application. You can assign as many Roles as you would like to a user and they will all build on one another. So, if you want all of your users to have the Default Role but a few users should also have access to the Insights page, you can add a Role with that Permission, then assign it to the users you want to have that access.



The Admin Role has high-level access to most areas within Droplet. This role is often used for those who need access to all submissions and some platform responsibilities. 


The Owner Role is the most powerful in terms of Permissions and cannot be edited, duplicated, or archived. The person assigned to this Role can view and edit anything in your Organization on the Droplet Platform and will automatically have any new Permission released in the future. We recommend restricting this Role to only your highest-level administrator. 

Dataset Manager

The Dataset Manager Role allows a user to access, update, and create new datasets. This role should be only be given to those that understand how the datasets are set up and how they interact with your forms. Updates to datasets will immediately change the data that may impact routing or other critical information on your form. To learn more about datasets, check out this article.

Form Builder

The Form Builder Role allows a user access to build and create new forms. It is recommended to only give this role to a few people who will managing edits to the forms or in charge of building your organization's form(s). 

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