How do I Create or Update a Dataset?

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The Datasets feature is only available with the Droplet Package or as an Add On

This article will walk you through adding a new Dataset for your organization on Droplet or updating an existing Dataset with new information. 

Forms and Datasets use published versions and draft versions to make changes. Drafts can be edited and saved and when they are ready, they can be published. Once a draft is published, it has a published version number and can no longer be edited. 

If this is your first time managing Datasets or you would like a review, we recommend the following articles:

Managing Datasets should be limited to platform administrators who have organizational approval to edit your data. If you need assistance with determining who should have this role for your organization and getting this role added to the correct accounts, please reach out to our support team.

Creating a New Dataset on Droplet

First, you will need to make a new Dataset with a name and description. 

To do this, navigate to Datasets in your menu, then:

  1. Press "+ Dataset"
  2. Give the Dataset a name and description. It is likely you will have multiple Datasets if you have multiple forms. You can have as many Datasets as you need. Describe what information this Dataset will hold and what forms will reference it. 
  3. Press Create. 

Next, you will need to add the data to the draft that was automatically created. 

To add data to a new draft Dataset:

  1. Find the Dataset you want to update and press Builder. 
  2. Switch to the Visual Editor by pressing the eye icon in the top right corner. 
  3. Edit the overall Dataset data type by pressing the name of the Dataset and changing the Type in the dropdown. 
  4. Add new data by pressing "+ Add" 
  5. Choose the data type. Then add the value and label, if necessary. 

Creating a new Draft and Updating a Dataset

We know organizational information changes, sometimes quite often. You can create a new draft any time you need to make changes and make as many edits as you need to a dataset. 

To create a new Dataset draft:

  1. Open the builder for the Dataset you want to make changes to. 
  2. At the top of the page, next to the Dataset name, you will see either the current version number or the most recent draft. Click on this to open the dropdown.
  3. Either press "+ New Draft" to create a new Draft or open a saved draft and continue working.  
  4. Press on the different labels or item numbers to change their associated values 
  5. Or add additional data as necessary
Do not change data labels if your Dataset is currently being used with a Droplet form
The labels in your Datasets are like the keys to unlocking the values associated with them. Depending on how your form(s) are set up to reference your Datasets, these keys may be programmed into the form. Changing them could disrupt how your form is currently working.

If you have questions about how your form is using labels from your Datasets, please reach out to the support team

When you publish this new version, any forms not referencing a specific version of this Dataset will reference the newest version. 

Saving and Publishing your Draft Dataset

Use the save button in the top right corner as often as you need to save the work you've completed on your draft. When your draft is complete and ready to use, you will need to save and then publish it using the blue Publish button.

Publishing a Draft Dataset means it is now locked and no changes can be made. If changes are necessary, a new draft can be created from this or any previously published version. 

The most recently published version of a Dataset will be referenced by any form that doesn't specify a version number. If a form requires a specific version, that version can be referenced by the form so no changes will impact the form's performance. If you have questions about which version of a Dataset your form is using, please reach out to our support team. 

If this is a new Dataset, it is now ready to be referenced in your forms. To learn more about connecting Datasets to forms, please read about using the Datasets area of the form builder

Code Editor and Visual Editor

As you add or update data using the Visual Dataset Editor, the Code Editor will maintain a current, correctly formatted version of the Dataset. You can view and edit the Dataset using either editor using the toggle in the upper right corner with the angle bracket and eye icons. 

Using the Code editor can help you review your Dataset in its entirety to ensure all data is accounted for and labels are consistently named when using Object data types. 

If you feel comfortable using the Code Editor to make your changes, you can use the Code Editor instead of the Visual Editor. If any errors are created while working in the Code Editor, the error message(s) will display to the right. Any errors must be corrected before toggling to the Visual Editor.

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